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Our Hi-Spirits Drink Machine has been thoroughly tested, and has Product Safety Certifications for the USA, EU, Australia & NZ, and is backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & a One Year Replacement Warranty

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Process Wine & Spirits and Create Infused Spirits

    Make the Best Cocktails & Drinks you Ever Tasted

Smooth with No Bite        Tasty with More Flavor        More Aromatic

Easy to Drink                    More Enjoyable

Healthier with Fewer or no Side Effects or Hangovers

Improvements are due to favorable reactions promoted by our patented technology which restructures the complex chemicals that influence the quality, taste, smoothness and aroma of the beverage. You can even infuse spirits (by extracting fruits, teas, etc.) in minutes and improved as above, due to our patented technology, read more…


Make Healthy Lifestyle Teas with Power Leaves

Use the Hi-Spirits Drink Machine and Power Leaves to make your own fresh, healthy Lifestyle Teas in minutes that you can drink everyday.

Power Leaves (Coffee, Olive, Blueberry, Strawberry, Grape, Guava and more) contain phytochemicals (antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols,  amino acids, etc.) with medically recognized health benefits - reduction of the incidence of cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes and inflammation.

These natural tasting Lifestyle Teas are only possible because our machine efficiently extracts the phytochemicals from the leaves using room temperature water, which preserves their integrity and bioavailability.

This makes our Lifestyle Teas healthier and smoother than herbal teas brewed in boiling water or steeped in hot water, read more…

Experience the taste of your own Coffee Leaf Tea – The Wonder Tea that the whole world is talking about but few have tasted (except those Tea Professionals who enjoyed it at the World Tea Expo) and even fewer have made in their own home with room temperature water, read more…


Cold Brew Coffee or Extract Green or Roasted Coffee

Beans the way you want in Minutes

With the Hi-Spirits Drink Machine, you can make fresh cold brew coffees in minutes to your taste and strength with cold or room temperature water. You can use roasted or un-roasted ground coffee or coffee beans.

These cold brewed coffees have a unique, refreshing natural taste that you can drink straight cold, warm or anyway you want, read more…


Cold Brew Tea the way you want in Minutes

   Used and Enjoyed by Master Tea Tasters

With the Hi-Spirits Drink Machine, you can make fresh cold brew teas in minutes using cold or room temperature water with tea bags or tea leaves to your taste and strength.

Due to our patented extraction technology these cold brewed teas are smoother, more flavorful, more fragrant and stronger than cold brewed teas currently steeped in bottles stored in a refrigerator for 12 or more hours, read more…


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